Daily Observations

I did not spend much time outside today, as I had work I needed to get done. I did stop by Swan Lake briefly on my way to the library. Weather: It was generally overcast today. Sometimes the clouds were quite heavy and it seemed rather dark outside. The sun did break through the clouds … Read more

Daily Observations: Swan Lake and Sage Beach

This entry is part 188 of 221 in the series 2007 Photojournal

I went to Swan Lake this morning, then took a quick walk around Totem Park before picking Rowan up from preschool. Weather: Mostly cloudy with a little bit of sun this morning. Winds were calm. Birds: At Swan Lake I saw two American Coots, a Cackling Goose, several scaups, probably some Ring-necked Ducks, and (the … Read more

Pied-billed Grebe Report

When I first arrived on the peninsula at Swan Lake this morning, it seemed pretty quiet. The usual crowd of domestic Mallards and followers were down near the outlet stream, and there were just a few Mallards on the peninsula. These seemed unusually flighty, or perhaps my mood was such that I seemed more threatening … Read more

Daily Observations: Eliason Harbor

This entry is part 186 of 221 in the series 2007 Photojournal

After yesterday’s storm, I decided it might be worth wandering around to see if any unusual birds blew in. I stopped by Swan Lake, Moller Park, and then went through the Turnaround area to Eliason Harbor. Weather: On the ground winds were calm, but this morning I noticed the high cirrus clouds moving rapidly across … Read more

New Photojournal

Those who have seen my other (older) site, are probably familiar with the photojournal I kept there (starting in Summer 1999; it’s hard to believe it’s been over 8 years). Earlier this year I got a software upgrade to Adobe Lightroom and found it much better for working with my photos. Unfortunately, it did not … Read more