Daily Observations

Yesterday I took Rowan to school and stopped by Swan Lake and Crescent Harbor on my way home. After Connor was done with school, he, Rowan and I went for a walk down to Totem Park. Today I spent most of the day inside, but went out later this afternoon and spent some time outside … Read more

Daily Observations: Verstovia Hike

This entry is part 172 of 221 in the series 2007 Photojournal

Although I took some photos today, my camera apparently died between earlier today and this evening when I went to download the pictures. Now I have no way of getting the pictures off the card until I get the camera fixed or replace it. At this point, I’m thinking I will probably just replace it. … Read more

Daily Observations: Clouds and Birds

This entry is part 171 of 221 in the series 2007 Photojournal

Yesterday I did not feel all that great after a relatively poor night of sleep, though I did stop by Swan Lake briefly and get out on a walk to the park with Connor. Today I stopped by Swan Lake this morning after dropping Connor off at school. I also stopped by Centennial Building and … Read more

Daily Observations

This entry is part 170 of 221 in the series 2007 Photojournal

This morning I took Connor and Rowan to school and stopped by Swan Lake. I also spent some time outside the house, went on a walk around Totem Park, and made a quick stop to look around Swan Lake when I picked up Rowan from her nana’s this evening. Weather: The rain has not been … Read more