Bird Photography Highlights of 2021

I had a surprisingly good year for birds in 2021. Inspired in part by a desire to maintain daily streaks on e-bird and iNaturalist and new equipment I got at the beginning of the year, I got out each day of the year. I took more photos than in 2021 than any prior year and … Read more

Recent Dark-mantled Gulls

I am someone who is interested in knowing and keeping track of what shows up in Sitka. Gulls can be abundant around town during some times of year. Thousands often loaf along the tide flats, work the salmon streams, or pick scraps from the fishing industry. The vast majority of gulls we see here are … Read more

Offshore Birding

Today was sunny and warm, but cooler than past couple of days. Perhaps this was due in part to the off and on marine layer. I was up early (for me) to get down to the harbor for a planned pelagic trip with A Whale’s Song Expeditions. The sun was shining over town, but I … Read more

Moths and Birds

Overcast in cooler, with rain arriving later in the day. Breezy at times. There were at least hundreds of Black Turnstones, at least hundreds of Surfbirds, and smaller numbers of Rock Sandpipers, and Dunlin. I also saw at least one Western Sandpiper, several Least Sandpipers, and a couple of Black-bellied Plovers.

Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches

It’s been an exceptional winter for Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches in Sitka. Since the first report of 9 birds by Karen J. in late December on the Christmas bird count, there have been regular sightings along the roadside beyond Whale Park. The birds are moving between the cliffs on the upland side of the road, the gravel … Read more

Birding with a Big Year Birder

Yesterday I received a text from someone I know locally asking me if I was interested in taking some visiting birders out to go for the Rustic Bunting. I didn’t have any particular plans, so figured I could do that, and said it was fine to pass my contact information on. Nicole Koeltzow arrived with … Read more