Unexpected Sunset

Overcast with drizzle through much of the day. Winds were fairly calm in town while I was out. After a day of solid gray clouds, I was surprised to see some intense pink to the WNW. Satellite imagery revealed an opening in the clouds well to the northwest of town, but it was apparently close enough to grace us with an unexpectedly colorful sunset.

Warming Tempratures (Still Gray)

A bit breezy, some rain and mid-40s. Snow level rose above 2500 ft. We probably are now past mountain snow maximum for the year. As I’ve been noticing since the herring spawned, many ravens were out on the beach and others throughout the forest were quite vocal. I spent a few minutes recording some of their calls today.

Early Spring Birds

Somewhat warmer today, with highs around 40, and lows not much below that. Snow was melting off at lower elevations (but still accumulating up high). Light rain started falling this afternoon. I was considering when I might get out to look around, but was provoked to quicker action when I saw a posting of an odd looking duck.

Cormorant Quest

Cloudy, calm, and chilly today, though without much wind it didn’t feel quite so cold as it had on prior days. I was able to get out on a boat ride today to check the cormorants on the rocks near Kasiana Islands and Middle Island. In a few past years at this time of year, there’s been a Brandt’s Cormorant among them, so I thought it would be nice to check

Afternoon Walk to Totem Park

[Photojournal from Saturday, April 10th] Another day with new snow accumulating. The first time I woke and looked outside, it didn’t appear to be snowy. When I woke again later, the snow was falling, and by the time I got up, an inch or two had accumulated.

Herring Spawn and Evening Light

So it went through the day – snow showers interspersed with sunny breaks. I saw evidence of herring spawn scattered from at least Sea Mart to Halibut Point Marine. The clouds lifted this evening, so I headed out again and got my pictures of Verstovia. It turned out to be very nice light, so I stayed out for pictures of the sunset.