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A blog of thoughts, observations, and photos from an Aspiring Naturalist in the Sitka Area

SitkaBirds List (subscribe here)

SitkaBirds List is an e-mail list for birding around Sitka. It is my hope that it can serve as an efficient means of notifying others of sightings that may be unusual or of interest. If you are interested, please subscribe here.

Natural History Seminar List (subscribe here)

The Natural History Seminar List is an announcement list for natural history related talks taking place in Sitka.

The Birds of Sitka, Alaska by J. Dan Webster.

A comprehensive summary of published historical records (including looks at museum specimens) for the Sitka area.

Species Checklists for Southeast Alaska


Pre-2007 Photojournal: Photos and journal entries from 1998-2006 (on a different site)

Sitka Trail Guide (on another site)

A trail guide I am working on for trails on the Sitka Road system. It was on (or just off of) many of these trails where I took many of the photos seen here.