For RSS or Email Subscribers

If you have previously subscribed to email updates or stay updated via an RSS feed, this message is for you. Thank you for your interest in my observations of Sitka! I know some of you have been following my site for years. I appreciate the opportunity to share my experiences with you. As April approaches, … Read more

Catch up Day

With little in particular scheduled today, I decided to work on some of the 22000+ photo backlog I have (with pictures going back to 2008). I ended up focusing on photos from the first three months of 2010 and was able to finish off everything from that time period. While it was nice progress, it … Read more

Kids Depart

Nevada Arches Moth (Lacanobia nevadae) – probably Overcast conditions prevailed for the second day in a row. Rain held off until late this evening. It was a pretty quiet day for me overall. This morning Connor and Rowan headed south with my dad for their month long visit with my parents down in Idaho. This … Read more

Raven Radio Show Updates

As of a couple of weeks ago, there is a new time for the Sitka Nature show on Raven Radio. It can now be heard at 4pm on KCAW (with live streaming available at The main reason I’m making this post is to let people know that I’ve (finally) got posts up for all … Read more

Getting Behind

Orange disc fungus – an ascomycete, I think – but beyond that I have no idea I’ve been trying to keep up with photos this year, and until the last week or so, I’ve done pretty well, but between a couple of high photo count days (one from a boat birding trip, the other some … Read more