Sitka Birding by Kayak

With its protected waters, the Sitka area provides a great location for sea kayaking throughout the year in all but the worst weather. Many species of birds that might be difficult to observe from shore are relatively easy to find on even short paddles. The nearly silent paddling of a kayak with the ability to closely approach shore allows for a more intimate interaction with wildlife, including birds, than is otherwise possible. For those visiting Sitka interested in getting out to paddle, there are rental kayaks available for anything from half-day trips to multi-day touring.

Tours and Rentals:
Sitka Wild Coast

See also the Visit Sitka page for Kayaking and Water activities

Some Bed and Breakfasts may have kayaks available for guests, so it may be worth asking if you will be staying at a B&B.

Getting out of Town:
While it is possible to kayak directly from town, many people opt to have their kayaks and gear transported to a location further from the boat traffic of near-town waters. The Esther G Sea Taxi is a good place to start if you want to arrange such a trip.

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