The fog came in today. The forecast was originally for temperatures to get up into the mid-60’s, but I suspect it did not make it that high in town. This morning I decided to take Connor and drive up Harbor Mountain Road. I hoped that we would be able to get above the layer of fog and clouds. A couple of weeks ago, Melissa, Connor, and I had driven up to the third gate. At the time, there was still some snow on the road, but given the warm weather since, I suspected there would be little, if any, remaining. We passed above the clouds a couple of miles up the road, and continued on in the bright sunlight. Upon reaching the third gate (still locked) we walked up the road to the next view point where we could look out over Sitka Sound. The layer of clouds was extended as far out in the ocean as I could see. The peaks on Kruzof Island extended above it, as did the very top of Middle Island. To the north, I could see that there seemed to be less fog. In particular parts of Nakwasina Passage appeared to be clear. After taking a few pictures, we headed back down. The fog never did dissipate completely. For a time in the late afternoon I could see parts of Gavan Hill, but the water was still completely obscured.

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