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SitkaBirds e-mail List is about birds and birding around Sitka. It is my hope that it can serve as an efficient means of notifying others of sightings that may be unusual or of interest. If you are interested, please subscribe here.

Sitka Bird Checklist

This is a checklist of birds reported from Sitka. Abundance information is provided for most species, there are links to pages with information about the birds’ occurrence in Southeast Alaska. Many of them also include photos I have taken.

Sitka Birding by Kayak

Getting to know the Birds

A listing and review of my timeline observing 250+ bird species I’ve observed and photographed in (mostly Sitka) Alaska 1998-2023

My Christmas Bird Counts – 2004-Present

The Birds of Sitka, Alaska by J. Dan Webster.

A comprehensive summary of published historical records (including looks at museum specimens) for the Sitka area.

A summary of 20 years of bird observations in the Sitka Area

8 thoughts on “Sitka Birds”

  1. I’m new here, are there any booklets, etc, of color photos of birds in and around Sitka? I need something to help identify what I see. Your help would be appreciated.

  2. SNHP (Totem Park) has a checklist of Birds which includes most that occur in the Sitka area on (or within sight of) the road system. It does not include photos. Bob Armstrong’s “Birds of Alaska” has photos, but it is for the whole state. I have taken pictures of most of the regularly occurring species in Sitka, and they can be seen on the web here: Birds of Sitka Area which includes information about all the species, not just those I’ve taken pictures of. I should also note this page will eventually be moved and replaced with a complete listing for Southeast Alaska rather than just the Sitka area. Hope this helps!

  3. Hey. I am new in town and looking for fellow birders. Anyone out there planning any birding trips in the weeks to come?

  4. Welcome to town! I don’t know of any organized birding trips, seems like most of the time people just wander around when they’re inclined to. I would recommend joining the Sitka Bird list. There’s a link on the main page of this site (it seems like you may have found it between the time you commented and now, but I’ll leave this up for future reference). From there you could send a message to see if anyone is going out, and please feel free to post any questions or observations you might have.

  5. Hello Birders!

    Does anyone know of any activities taking place on Earth Day, Sunday April 22 this year, besides the Sitka Conservation Society Parade/ and Games? I am in charge of planning an event at Totem Park and wanted to see:
    1.) If high tide is 2:42pm that day, would bird watching as an activity really be a viable option? What birds will be around in April?
    2.) What kind of an event would you like to see the Park do after 4:30 that afternoon? Nature Hike, Bird Walk, Stream Study, etc?


  6. Looks like the Long Tailed Ducks have just arrived! Just witnessed about 40 in the channel, near the Japonski Is. North boat ramp near Mt. Edgecumbe High School

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