Sitka Nature Show #239 – Richard Carstensen

Download Radio Show The June 20 show featured part of a conversation with Richard Carstensen, Juneau-based naturalist. This was another part of the same conversation featured on the last show. Among other things, we spoke about the distribution nettles and how lidar imaging helps to reveal the past. If you have questions or observations you … Read more

Gavan Hill Forest

Mostly sunny to start, transitioning to mostly cloudy, then partly cloudy, and back to mostly cloudy again. A bit breezy, but not especially so. Perhaps a sea breeze. I decided to take care of the Gavan ibuttons this morning. It was about time them to be done, and I was feeling like I should dedicate … Read more

Marine Layer and Moths

Low marine layer for much of the day. The base around town did not seem to rise above 1000 feet that I noticed, and perhaps not even that high. Highs in the mid to upper 50s. The marine layer was merely the lowest part of clouds and I think it was overcast above, as well. … Read more

Evening Walk to the Park and Lake

Partly cloudy through much of the day. Temperatures reached the mid 60s. Although it was sunny, I was feeling tired and not especially motivated to get out. I suspect this was due at least in part to yesterday’s disrupted sleep. I did finally get out for a walk this evening, first down and around the … Read more

Breeding Bird Survey Day

Mostly sunny to partly cloudy throughout the day. A bit breezy at times. Temperatures reached the upper 60s. I made it to bed by 9:30pm last night, but 2:30am still came early. Heading out for the breeding bird survey, it was already/still light in the north, and at my house I heard a Swainson’s Thrush … Read more

Harbor Mountain Walk

It was mostly sunny over town when I got up this morning, though there were dark gray clouds to the WNW and NW. Clouds built a bit throughout the day, but mostly remained partly cloudy with official temperatures getting to 61F this afternoon. It was interesting to me that yesterday the clouds seemed to in … Read more