Sitka Nature Show #288 – Bird Songs

Download Radio Show The May 7th show featured recordings of many common Sitka bird songs, and pointers for learning to recognize which species is singing them. If you have questions or observations you want to share, please feel free to leave a comment here or on the page I’ve set up for that purpose.

Sitka Nature Show #286 – Whale Researchers

Download Radio Show The April 9th show featured a conversation with Andy Szabo, Liah McPherson, and Dana Bloch. Andy is director of the Alaska Whale Foundation. Liah and Dana are graduate students studying whales. They were in town working on a project to measure body condition of Humpback Whales that gathered in Sitka Sound to … Read more

Busy Day and New Birds

Heavy clouds and frequent rain. Winds seemed diminished from yesterday. I ended up having a full day, with little outside time. This morning I finished up gathering the information I needed to get my taxes taken care of. My timing at the tax accountant was not great, as I had to wait the better part … Read more

Swan Lake Scaups

Cloudy with periods of rain. Breezy and cool. Snow level down to around 2000 feet. Connor flew south on the early flight. I headed out late this morning with the intention of going to get the car. Fortunately he parked in 7 day parking, since I was downtown before I realized I had not brought … Read more

Early April Gray

Overcast with some rain. I went out this afternoon with the thought that I might walk the Starrigavan ATV trail and hope for a grouse to call. When I got out that way and found a steady rain falling, I decided I was not that ambitious. It looked like at least some herring spawn was … Read more