Daily Observations

I did not spend much time outside today, as I had work I needed to get done. I did stop by Swan Lake briefly on my way to the library.

Weather: It was generally overcast today. Sometimes the clouds were quite heavy and it seemed rather dark outside. The sun did break through the clouds briefly a couple of times this afternoon. There were a few light rain showers. Winds were fairly calm.

Birds: I saw some Varied Thrushes in the backyard through the window.

At Swan Lake I saw two American Coots, the usual assortment of Mallards, one or two American Wigeons, scaups, and several Ring-necked Ducks. The coots were down at the lower end of the lake again. The Ring-necked Ducks seem to like stay up at the upper end of the lake at the edge of the vegetation. When I took a closer look from near the radio station I saw more than I realized were there when I had been looking from the penninsula.

There were 20 or so Mallards in Kettleson Library Cove.

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