Daily Observations: Totem Park on a Windy Day

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I didn’t brave the weather for too long today. I biked to a basketball game at the high school, then on the way home I went by Swan Lake, Crescent Harbor, and took a quick walk through Totem Park.

Weather: It was very windy today. Rains were light until this evening when it rained pretty hard. The wind built through the day, by the time my game was over late in the afternoon, I had a hard time making progress on my bicycle as I rode down lake street near Swan Lake. Normally placid Crescent Bay was awash in whitecaps and blowing spray. I started to feel a sense of motion sickness when I was walking through the park because the trees were swaying back forth so much.

Birds: There was a second American Coot on Swan Lake today. The Cackling Goose was also still there.

At Totem Park there were quite a few gulls hunkered down at various points on the beach. I also saw quite a few Mallards (certainly more than 30).

Other Notes: The ocean side of the park was really getting whipped by the wind, but on the river side, things were remarkably calm. I imagine there are all sorts of quiet spots that must be present in the landscape, regardless of weather (though, presumably there are different spots, depending on the weather). I guess animals probably seek these out during storms.

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