New Photojournal

Those who have seen my other (older) site, are probably familiar with the photojournal I kept there (starting in Summer 1999; it’s hard to believe it’s been over 8 years). Earlier this year I got a software upgrade to Adobe Lightroom and found it much better for working with my photos. Unfortunately, it did not fit in very well with my old workflow, and I never got around to trying to patch things up so that I could efficiently update the photojournal there. As a result, I have not updated the photojournal with any pictures from 2007. Recently I started using a gallery plugin for WordPress that seems to work pretty well for me so far (I’m hopefully that it will scale well with lots of photos). So, I have decided to continue my photojournal on this site in the weblog. Posts in the category ‘photojournal’ will reflect that. As I have photos from all of this year, I will have many posts to do to catch up. I’m going to back date the posts so the post date is the same as the day the pictures were taken. Actually, even after I get caught up, it’s likely photojournal posts will be frequently show up long after their posted date, as it usually takes me some time to thin the images down. I’ll periodically make a post with links to recently created photojournal pages.

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