Sheldon Jackson Mink

This afternoon Connor and I were watching a ball that had been captured by the falling water of the flume falls. While we were sitting there, I happened to look over towards the bridge, and saw a mink standing there. I am not sure if it had come out from under the bridge or somewhere else, but it stopped and watched us. I was able to direct Connor’s attention to it before someone else came along and asked me where the gym was. The mink was apparently not comfortable with this person walking up and so it scampered across the bridge and down the other bank of the flume. At first it ducked down in the bushes and started across a pipe located in front of the culvert that goes under the street. After only a couple of steps, it retreated and then ran quickly across the street and down where I could no longer see it. Last fall, a couple of different students had mentioned seeing a mink near the flume. I wonder if it was the same one.

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