Revisiting Old Friends

Clear, calm, and cool. Overnight lows officially were only down to around freezing, but it was certainly at least a colder at my house. Officially it got up to 45F today, though I think places without direct sun probably didn’t see that anything so high. I was reminded recently of a spruce I call the … Read more

Woods Wandering and Comet Chasing

Mostly cloudy this morning, becoming partly cloudy to mostly clear later in the day. Calm winds and temperatures into the 40s. I went out to Thimbleberry Lake this afternoon. I stepped off the trail not far before it starts going more significantly uphill beyond the lake. I was curious about the amount of fresh rock … Read more

Japonski Island Forest

Overcast with drizzle this morning. Clouds lifting and even breaking up a bit this afternoon and letting the sun through. Yesterday’s high of 53F (which happened in the middle of the night) set a record for the day. Today’s record is also 50F, but it doesn’t look like we reached it. I drove around a … Read more

Japonski Island Birds and Lichens

Overcast with occasional rain and drizzle. Fairly calm winds. Temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s. Overnight I woke up a couple times to heavy rain, but by daylight it had let up. After getting up this morning, I mostly worked on pictures and photojournals. I’m getting closer to caught up with January. If … Read more

Lichens in the Rain

Heavy overcast with rain through much of the day. Temperatures in the 40s. When I arrived at the kelp patch turnaround this afternoon, I was a little surprised to see a Horned Puffin sitting on the water not too far out. It didn’t stay for long, but I was able to get a documentary photo. … Read more

Investigating a Hemlock Branch

Overcast with rain. Temperatures in the 40s. I didn’t get out until this afternoon. I had a call this morning, and then decided to wait until after lunch. The weather was more amenable to poking about outside in earlier, but I didn’t have the daylight to see if it might lighten up a bit. Had … Read more