Lifer Moth, and Spring Birding

Overcast and rain this morning. Becoming mostly to partly cloudy with scattered showers as the day progressed. Rain totaled about a third of an inch at the airport, but none fell there after 1pm. I made a brief trip to the raptor center at noon to check out an unusual moth which JC had found … Read more

Birding around Town and Totem Park

Mostly sunny early, then mostly cloudy by midmorning. Calm winds. I had a call and decided to wait until after it was done to get out. I might have chosen otherwise had I realized the sun would go behind the clouds so quickly. I walked to Swan Lake. It seemed like fewer birds were singing, … Read more

Spring Birds and Other Observations

Overcast with light rain at times. The sun broke out for a bit later in the afternoon. I walked to and around the park this morning. On Park Street I heard what I think was a European Starling doing a very passable Fox Sparrow imitation. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my recorder out fast … Read more

Totem Park Wildlife

Overcast with a little bit of rain, but not as much as I might have guessed from the forecast. Looking at the radar imagery, it appeared to be falling more heavily elsewhere in the general area. Breezy out of the southeast. I went to Totem Park this morning around 9:30am. The tide was falling from … Read more

Spring Birds and Flowers

Generally overcast with a little bit of rain late in the day. Temperatures in the low 50s, but without any direct sun the wind felt chilly. I headed down to the park around 8am. The tide was dropping, but still mostly up. I saw Black Turnstones and a few Surfbirds, a Marbled Godwit, and two … Read more

Birding on a Sunny Spring Day

Sunny and calm this morning, light to moderate breeze this afternoon. Overnight lows were down to 36F. Connor had the day off got an early start birding. He texted me about a Short-billed Dowitcher and a Semipalmated Plover at the park. I went to look, didn’t find either of them. While there, he told me … Read more