Herring Weather

The weather has been unsettled with the temperature falling as the day went on. There were sunny breaks between rain showers, but by this evening the precipitation had shifted to snow, sometimes falling heavily. I spent a little time today experimenting with a cheap macro attachment for my phone. It’s certainly not as nice as … Read more

Fallen Junco

It was a blustery rainy day with temperatures in the 40s. Rain wasn’t steady, instead moving through in squalls, some of them fairly fierce as the day went on into night. I returned home from being out to a message from a fellow who had found a banded bird dead in his feeder. I called … Read more

One Thousand and One

There was a pretty good extended snow shower this morning, though I didn’t venture out into it. I was feeling pretty tired and possibly fighting a cough, so I decided to spend the latter half of the morning resting. By early afternoon, temperatures had warmed enough to turn the precipitation to rain, and what little … Read more

Mt. Edgecumbe from O’Connell Bridge

Tuesdays tend to be very full for me, and today was no exception. I woke to see snow on the ground, not a complete covering but ground that was more easily cooled (or perhaps had less thermal mass?) had a layer of snow, not just the cars. When I started the car to go to … Read more

No Accumulation (so far)

I didn’t end up taking any pictures today, but there was some snow on colder surfaces (like vehicles) first thing this morning. There wasn’t really any on the ground, and even the snow on vehicles melted off on its own by late this morning. There were occasional snow flakes falling, and later this evening maybe … Read more

Snow on Verstovia

Temperatures started to drop today. There is snow in the forecast for the better part of this week, so it will be interesting to see if we get the first significant snow of the year here in the second week of March. I’ve not spent too much time outside lately, but have been making some … Read more