A Taste of October (in early August)

We generally expect to see storms pushing across the Gulf of Alaska bringing wind and rain starting as we get more firmly into the fall season. This summer has seen many days with fall-like heavy cloud cover, so perhaps it was fitting to get an early taste of the stormier season today. With ‘strong summer … Read more

Precipitation Record?

Having grown up in Sitka, my baseline expectation is for rain in the forecast, with sunny weather the exception. Even so, over the past month or so since the January cold snap ended, it’s definitely seemed more consistently gray than normal. I’ve been following the NWS local climate page with month to date summaries, so … Read more

Zigzag Clouds Colored by Sunset

I was struck by the zigzag formation of the clouds a little after sunset late this afternoon (sun is now setting around 4:30 pm). I am guessing this is an indication there were different wind speeds at different levels of the atmosphere, but I’m not sure.

Wind and Water in Silver Bay (part 1)

I was pretty excited to watch the wind and water interact in Silver Bay, so I wanted to get a couple of videos I shot posted sooner rather than later. I’ll write more and post it with the pictures and any additional videos I decide to put up.