Yellow Maple

Photo from 2009 of maple along Indian River Outside time today was limited to a walk around Totem Park this morning and a sit on the step this afternoon. I hoped to find the Spotted Sandpiper, but didn’t. During my sit, the female Anna’s Hummingbird once again visited under the porch step where I was … Read more

Sunny Day Outings

It was (relatively) warm sunny day, and I had wanted to try and catch the Spotted Sandpiper at Totem Park before bird-reporting winter season wrapped up at the end of this month. The tide had been up, but was already going out and down the flats a ways by the time I got there. I … Read more

Warm Sunshine

I was interested to note that back in 2007 on this date I noted that it seemed as though the amount of daylight had suddenly jumped to noticeably longer days. I had a similar feeling today. When I was getting ready to head to class, the sun was already well up, and this evening it … Read more

Morning Walk to Totem Park

I spent some time down at Totem Park this morning. I had hoped to get a picture of the Spotted Sandpiper that’s been around this winter, but by the time I arrived (a little before 9am), the tide was already out a fair bit. The bird has been seen as far up Indian River as … Read more

Pigeon Remains (a mystery)

When I got back from class this morning, Connor asked me if I had seen the pigeon under the porch. I had not, and so went to look with him. Sure enough, there was a pigeon carcass laying there under the stairs. It was in such an obvious place, it seemed nearly impossible that we … Read more

Kill Site Under the Porch

When I got home from class this afternoon, Connor excitedly relayed that he had just scared a Sharp-shinned Hawk from under the porch. He seen pigeon feathers outside and wanted to check them out, so he stepped outside on to the south porch and was surprised when the hawk flew out from right under him. … Read more