No Accumulation (so far)

Pool at Red Bluff Bay
Pool at Red Bluff Bay, June 2010

I didn’t end up taking any pictures today, but there was some snow on colder surfaces (like vehicles) first thing this morning. There wasn’t really any on the ground, and even the snow on vehicles melted off on its own by late this morning. There were occasional snow flakes falling, and later this evening maybe even enough to constitute a snow shower, but still no accumulation on the ground. Perhaps there will be enough overnight to have some in the morning.

I was interested to note that the colder weather and falling snow actually made me think of spring more than winter. I guess it’s a combination of the evening daylight (with an assist from daylight savings time over the weekend) and the unstable atmosphere. Sometimes it gets called “herring snow” and that seems like an apt name for this sort of weather.

Today’s old photo work was mostly on pictures from a 2010 trip to Red Bluff Bay. It was interesting to revisit both the scenic photos as well as some of the plants that I had not thought about in some time. There are a couple of different plants that, from the photos, appear to be interesting because they may represent significant range extensions. I know in one case there was no collection made, but I’m uncertain about the other. It would be nice to get back there again, but I’m not sure when that might happen.

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