Morning Walk Around Totem Park

Red-breasted and Common Mergansers Swimming Side by Side This morning started with partly cloudy skies and some sunshine. Winds were calm, and it was quite pleasant out. By mid morning it was a rough overcast, though the cloud layer was thin enough it hurt my eyes to look in the direction of the sun as … Read more

Hydriomena irata

Today’s outdoor time consisted primarily of a walk around the park this afternoon and some time playing catch up at Kreuger field this evening, though when moving the trash can to the curb this morning I did notice that it seemed to be a pleasant and calm morning. I had originally intended to head down … Read more

Litiulus alaskanus

Tuesdays are my busy day, and today was the last day of regular classes for the semester, so I didn’t spend much time outside. I have noticed in recent trips to UAS there are still quite a few gulls in the channel, but I’ve noticed they’re mostly immature birds (and so much more difficult for … Read more

Northern Harrier

Today’s forecast was for wind and possibly heavy rain. Winds were strong offshore – when I checked the buoy this morning it was showing winds at 30 and waves up to 19 feet. In town things were no nearly so extreme, though it was breezy. The forecast rain never really hit town very strong either … Read more

Blue Lake Road

Of course today’s big fun was getting a video of the Anna’s Hummingbird getting dirt/grit from under he porch. This morning I went for a walk around Totem Park. The tide was out and I went out to the end of the gravel bar between the current river and the old river channel. Out there … Read more