Silver Bay on Leap Day

Over the past two or three weeks, I’ve been heading out the road to see if I could see the Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches that have been reported periodically. So far I had not had any success, but when I heard from KJ they were out there again late this morning, I didn’t wait too long to … Read more

Pine Grosbeaks

I took a short break from an otherwise full day to see Pine Grosbeaks KJ had reported near Sealing Cove. Although I got there during a rain shower, it was nice to get a look in better light than I had when I saw some earlier this year. It’s been an exceptional year for Pine … Read more

Roadside Deer

Gusty winds and heavy showers with temperatures in the 30s did not feel like inviting weather for getting outside. A trip to the grocery store did get me out of the house, and I made a side trip out to Silver Bay. No rosy-finches, but I did spot a deer one of the shorter waterfalls … Read more

Late Winter Robin in a Tree Top

As I was getting ready to leave the harbor early this afternoon, I thought I heard a robin make a couple of sharp calls – possibly an alarm. I looked around, I noticed one in the top of a spruce tree by the Russian Bishop’s House (maybe in sentinel position). It stayed there long enough … Read more