WR: Night Twenty-five

Yet another night with strong winds, though they died down a bit this morning.

Wind Gust: The wind was really blowing through the trees at various times last night. Recorded at 00:57. Download Wind Gust

River Otter and Mystery Sound: Another clip of river otter chirping in the distance on a windy evening made more interesting by some strange high frequency sounds. I do not remember noticing them when I first went through the recording, but I cannot figure out how they would have been introduced during a simple copy/paste operation. I have included a Spectrogram of the clip to show how the mystery sounds extend out of the frequency range I can easily hear. It seems odd that they go through each channel sequentially, but I am at a loss to explain why that might happen. At this point I am thinking it’s most likely some type of interference, though perhaps it is biological in origin. Download River Otter and Mystery Sound

Varied Thrush: Another type of call from Varied Thrush. Recorded at 08:25. Download Varied Thrush

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