Sunset at Sage Beach

Temperatures overnight were not as cold as forecast, just a bit below freezing, probably due to persistent cloud cover. It’s unlikely the moderation will continue tonight, as the clouds cleared throughout the day and there were just a few scattered clouds as the sun was setting this evening. The 7:30pm sunset with snow on the … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #207 – Josh Lane

Download Radio Show The March 29th show featured a conversation with Josh Lane, author of Conscious Nature: The Art and Neuroscience of Meditation in Nature. Learn more about Josh’s work at his website Free ebook version of The Art of Tracking: The Origin of Science, by Louis Liebenberg, referenced on the show. If you have … Read more

Early Spring, Winter Gray

Looking at the forecast for the weekend and early next week, I was surprised to see temperatures are predicted to drop as low as 20F on Monday night (not quite that low on Sunday night). Fortunately, it’s been a fairly cool late winter, so berry bushes are not really blooming much yet. Buds have started … Read more

Early Spring Winter Wind

The first couple of full days of spring were overcast with occasional rain, and I didn’t really get out much. It wasn’t hard to heed the guidelines to self-isolate, as I had plenty of work to do, and by mid-afternoon was feeling a bit run-down each day. I’m not sure, but feel like I’m still … Read more

Airport Lichens

The weather was fitting for the first day of spring, or the vernal equinox, at least (maybe first day of spring is technically tomorrow). Winds were calm (and what breeze there was didn’t feel unpleasantly cold). Temperatures got up to around 50F. I continue to be pretty busy with calls for work, and that took … Read more

Stranded Krill

Back to sunshine again today, with a chilly wind blowing out of the northwest (or so it seemed to me). I had plenty going on with calls for work, but Connor told me about seeing krill down at the beach. He had seen some earlier this year, but when I looked, I didn’t find them … Read more