Continuing Cold

The forecast continues to hold, and we saw another cold day. Tonight’s low is forecast to be 9F, which probably means significnatly colder here at my house. I’ll try to make time to check before going to class in the morning. It seems like during these sorts of cold spells, frost is often not so … Read more

Japonski Island Winter Birds

I tried measuring temperatures again this morning and had more confusing results. I suspect part of the issue is the battery may not have enough power when it’s cold, so the thermometer becomes unreliable. Once again close to the ground measurements were warmer than just a bit above the ground, but this time it was … Read more

Near 0F Temperatures

Cold and clear, as forecast with winds even less than yesterday, as far as I could tell. Official low was only 16F, but I think it was probably colder than that at my house. (My car certainly thought so, with a temperature reading of single digits when I went to do MMO work at Crescent … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #202 – Kitty LaBounty

Download Radio Show The January 19th show featured a conversation with Kitty LaBounty. We talked about the recent cold weather, results from the Christmas Bird Count, highlights from our natural history experiences in 2019, and things we’re looking forward to working on in 2020. You can learn more about the book Kitty mentioned on the … Read more

Full Moon on a Cold Day

Temperatures held above forecast overnight, with the low only dropping to 18F according to the weather app on my phone. Tonight it’s already hit 16F briefly, but went back up to 18F, with a forecast low of 13F. The high temperature was listed as 19F (though that may not reflect official temperatures). Cold weather continues … Read more

Lavender and Pink Skies

No significant snow fell last night, and I only saw a few flakes fall during the first half of the day. By early afternoon it was beginning to clear from the west. The timing of the clearing was nice for catching a winter sunset with lavender and pink clouds behind the snow covered mountains. I … Read more