Seven inches of Snow

Snow continued overnight, and to a lesser extent through today. I heard a Song Sparrow singing in the yard again this morning, along with various calls (but not really song, I don’t think) of Varied Thrushes. When I measured depth on the deck rail, it was over 7 inches – I suspect it had settled … Read more

Sunset After Snow

I woke up this morning to snow falling steadily, with several inches already accumulated. I was not surprised, as the forecast had included a winter weather advisory through the night. However, upon reading the text synopsis for Southeast Alaska, I learned temperatures overnight had unexpectedly warmed to the upper 30s (which is probably why I … Read more

Snowy Saturday

A few inches of snow fell overnight, but it had stopped and was overcast by the time I got up this morning. I decided to drive out to Silver Bay late this morning and try my luck (again) for Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches. I ended up going to the end of the pavement, and it took a … Read more

Fading Storm

Squalls moved through overnight – one corresponded with a time I woke up, and I could hear the wind-blown sleet/graupel hitting the windows. The pattern continued through much of the day, with sleet/graupel accompanied by gusty winds and followed by snow. What fell melted not long after until it started sticking more later this evening. … Read more

Blustery Harbor Watch

It was blustery and rainy for my four hour shift at the harbor today. I was thankful to have a car for shelter, but needing to run the engine periodically to clear the steam off the windows didn’t do anything good for my gas mileage. There were quite a few juncos actively feeding in the … Read more

Ring-necked Ducks at Swan Lake

I stepped outside this morning to a thin layer of slush on the ground. After yesterday’s spring-like warmth, cooler temperatures had prevailed overnight. After class I went by Swan Lake (still probably at least 95% frozen) and saw a few Ring-necked Ducks working the edge along Lake Street where the ice has melted back a … Read more