Slime Mold

While working on my photos from a couple of days ago, I noticed some interesting looking structures near the orange polypore. Of course I hadn’t noticed them at the time (in my defense, they were small), but I now wish I had. Fortunately, I had enough resolution that a tight crop showed them reasonably well. … Read more

Gavan Trail

Although I was not feeling especially motivated, the weather was still pretty decent, with partly cloudy skies giving way to overcast as the morning wore on, so I told Connor and Rowan that we would go up Gavan Trail to the junction with the upper cross trail. When I had last been up that way, … Read more

Gavan Trail Fungus

Connor, Rowan and I went up Gavan Trail to the Upper Cross trail intersection today. Along the way I stopped to take more pictures of the orange polypore I had noticed previously. While there, Connor pointed out some other interesting looking fungi growing on the cut log end opposite the one with the orange polypore, … Read more

Crescent Moon, Mars, and Venus

Last evening there was a nice conjunction of the crescent moon, Mars and Venus. Tonight Mars and Venus will appear even closer in the sky (though the moon will be farther away), though with overcast conditions, it seems very unlikely we will be able to see them from Sitka.

Mountaintop Snow

It was a bit frosty this morning as I got ready to head down to the radio station to record a conversation with last night’s speaker. I’m not sure when I will use it for a show, but I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to visit, since he was in town. By the … Read more

Landslide Talk

Soil and ash exposed and subsequently eroded at the Starrigavan landslide. Notice the part with more coarse rock that has some roots coming out in the center of the photo. It’s likely this is a soil pipe (see below). This evening I attended a talk by Dennis Landwehr, a soils scientist with the forest service … Read more