Mountaintop Snow

It was a bit frosty this morning as I got ready to head down to the radio station to record a conversation with last night’s speaker. I’m not sure when I will use it for a show, but I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to visit, since he was in town. By the … Read more

Yard Birds

Temperatures were a bit lower than the past couple of days, though still warm for the season in the upper 40s. Around the central part of town, the rain held off until late this evening (though there were some sprinkles). I did drive out the road this afternoon, and it was raining out towards Starrigavan. … Read more

Another Sit

Mostly gray skies today. The rather fierce breeze of yesterday evening diminished as the night wore on, and today was basically calm. I spent a little time over at the airport both this morning and then again this afternoon. I got a look at the Mountain Bluebird and possibly the Chipping Sparrow this morning, but … Read more

Sit Spot

I’ve decided to try and get more regular with a sit spot routine. Ideally I would spend 20-30 minutes per day just sitting and paying attention, but in practice I’m just trying to start by taking even a minute or two to step outside and pay attention with as many of my senses as I … Read more

Sit Spot Challenge Day 18

See Sit Spot Challenge at for more about the challenge. Time of sit: 8:50pm-9:10pm The sun had set but there was still color in the northwest sky as I settled down on the step for today’s sit. Within the first minute of my sit, a Song Sparrow in the cedar hedge across the drive … Read more

Sit Spot Challenge Day 17

See Sit Spot Challenge at for more about the challenge. Time of sit: 7:50pm-8:10pm After spending most of the day out birding (and not getting any naps), I was pretty tired and had a hard time paying attention while sitting this evening. Some things that stand out in my memory: The sounds of people … Read more