Slime Mold

While working on my photos from a couple of days ago, I noticed some interesting looking structures near the orange polypore. Of course I hadn’t noticed them at the time (in my defense, they were small), but I now wish I had. Fortunately, I had enough resolution that a tight crop showed them reasonably well. Creamy looking droplets on the end of thin black stalks, I believe they are fruiting bodies of a slime mold. This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed something interesting (but small) in photos after I got home. Occasionally I manage to catch such things in the field and get better photos, but not often.

Today there was a lot of rain (2+ inches). I stopped by Moller Park for ultimate, but only ended up staying for a little while to throw. The swans were not out at Starrigavan. I spent a good chunk of the remainder of the day working on some old photos and making progress with summaries for plant species on the wiki.

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