Indian River Falls

After not visiting Indian River falls for at least a couple of years, I have managed to make it up there twice within a couple of weeks. Today I took Connor and Rowan up for their first visit to the falls. Connor has long been game to get up there, but Rowan has a certain … Read more

Snow Free Winter

This winter has continued to remain snow free at low elevations Yesterday I got a report that the Wood Duck was refound along Indian River first thing in the morning. I had a chance to check there a couple of times yesterday and didn’t see it either time. Today I went again and had no … Read more

View from the Bridge

It was kind of a busy day with class and calls, but I had time to walk over to UAS early this afternoon. After almost 3 weeks of heavy clouds, frequent rain, and some pretty strong winds on top of all of that, the sunny weather yesterday and today has been a welcome break. Today’s … Read more

Star and Comet Trails

The fuzzy green light trail of Comet Lovejoy stands out from the light trails of nearby stars It’s been another warm, wet, and dark January, but the clouds finally parted and today was the first sunny day since the first weekend of the year. Fortunately, the temperature didn’t drop much, as with all the warm … Read more

Like the Night Sky

I don’t want to say too much about this photo, because I thought it might be fun to see if anyone can guess where it came from. I will say that I did alter the contrast dramatically, but the patterns were as I found them. Please feel free to guess in the comments!