Early Winter Birds

I spent some more time today wandering around the neighborhood in hopes of turning up the Purple Finch Connor and Rowan found a couple of days ago. No luck there, but I did appreciate views of other neighborhood birds, including the starlings. I think I had noticed, but may forgotten, how interesting their plumage is … Read more

Eating Stories

Dwarf blueberries in the subalpine ripen in late summer and early fall My breakfasts tend to be simple, toast and a bowl of fruit. This morning’s fruit was stewed dwarf blueberries (Vaccinium cespitosum) that had been picked last summer or early fall. The distinctive flavor that came with that first bite brought feelings of warmth … Read more

Birds and a Rat

This morning after recording a conversation for next Sunday’s radio show, I went over to the airport with one of my guests for the show to see if the bluebird was still around. We were able to find the bluebird, and along the way, I also saw a couple of American Tree Sparrows in the … Read more

Purple Finch

This afternoon my kids were checking on a Biorka Street yard that has been hosting Bohemian Waxwings regularly when they noticed a bird that looked unusual to them. Connor was able to get a couple of shots before it flew out of sight behind a house. Rowan watched for it while Connor ran back home … Read more

Brown Booby Final Update

Brown Booby at Alaska Raptor Center just before shipping out (Photo by Jen Cedarleaf)) Many folks had commented or e-mailed that they enjoyed hearing about the Brown Booby and wanted to know what happened with it, so I thought I would post one final update. Jen Cedarleaf said the bird was sent south to an … Read more