Yard Observations

A Swainson’s Thrush started singing in the yard recently. I first heard it last night, and it stopped by again this afternoon and at dusk Clouds and rain gave way to partly cloudy skies by late morning. After taking care of some moths from overnight, I spent a bit of time working on pictures, and … Read more

Birding and Yard Work

Probably a Nevada Arches Moth (Lacanobia nevadae), but it would be nice to get that confirmed. Apparently an uncommon species throughout its range. Today I did a little birding – looked around the estuary at Starrigavan and walked some of the beach and trails at Halibut Point Rec. It was pretty quiet, at both locations. … Read more

Morning Birds, Evening Yard Work

Two Marbled Godwits – the one in the foreground is distinctly paler than the more typically colored one in the background I got up relatively early (at least compared to my recent rise times) and biked over to the Turnaround in hopes of seeing the godwits that had been reported there. I got a report … Read more

Freshly Dumped Dirt

I have mostly kept house stuff off of this site, but thought I would document a bit some of the stuff going on in the yard. Today we got some 40 yards or so of volcanic ash dumped along one side of the property. My intention is to plant some Sitka alder along the sidewalk … Read more