Birding and Yard Work

Probably a Nevada Arches Moth (Lacanobia nevadae), but it would be nice to get that confirmed. Apparently an uncommon species throughout its range.

Today I did a little birding – looked around the estuary at Starrigavan and walked some of the beach and trails at Halibut Point Rec. It was pretty quiet, at both locations. This afternoon saw a brief trip up Harbor Mountain to change out the ibuttons. It was reasonably good timing, as they had just filled up the week before.

With another warm sunny day, I watered several of the recent shrub plantings. While I was out there, I saw a hawk moth (presumably Hyles gallii) feeding at dandelions. It seems like it could be a good year for them, after last year’s abundance of caterpillars and this year’s continued relatively warm/dry conditions.

This evening I pruned up some of the alders in the yard further. I think they could use some additional pruning, but the hand saw fell and I was getting tired anyway. I also planted a couple of rescued mountain hemlock and am hoping they survive.

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