Chasing a Song

Fledgling Song Sparrow at Swan Lake Yesterday I thought the young Song Sparrow I saw standing on a branch outside the nest wasn’t really developed enough to be a fledgling, but Connor said when he visited the lake today, there were no birds in the nest. It’s possible that a predator came along and grabbed … Read more

Daily Observations

The ocean seemed pretty calm, and although it was chilly this morning, I decided I would head out on the kayak again. My plans were to head toward Eastern Channel, to see if the whales were still out there and also to see about getting photos of some of the seabirds I haven’t typically had … Read more

Recent Observations

For some reason I haven’t really been getting outside too much lately. I guess it’s easy to feel like staying in as the days get shorter, the rain falls, and the temperature hangs in the cool 40’s instead of the more pleasant 50’s. Weather: After the Sunday and Monday sunshine, more typical October weather moved … Read more

Daily Observations

I did manage to get in a short walk through the park today early in the afternoon and a more leisurely walk through later in the evening. Weather: It was fairly wet today with a little bit of wind. Birds: I saw quite a few birds today. There were lots of sparrows around the neighborhood, … Read more