Daily Observations

Beach Groundsel (Senecio pseudoarnica)

I had two tours today for Allen Marine.  The weather was a little sloppy south of town, so both trips we went over to the beach near Pt. Brown.

Weather:  It was rainy and breezy this morning.

Birds:  There was a flock of shorebirds that flew off the beach while we were there.  They looked large and were quite vocal, though I did not get a good enough look at them to get an identification.

I think I saw a flock of phalaropes flying, though I am not familiar enough with them to be certain.

While we were stopped near Vitskari to watch whales, I noticed a bird that I thought at first was a
gull.  As we approached, I realized that it was not.  Unfortunately, I did not have my camera handy and by the time I got it, the bird was some distance away and I was unable to take a good photo.  I think it was a shearwater.

Flora:  At Point Brown beach the coralroot orchids were just about done with their blooming.  Cleavers seemed to be in their prime blooming time.  Beach groundsel was reaching its peak in some locations, but had not started blooming in other locations on the beach.

Other Notes:  There was a set of relatively small bear tracks along the upper part of the beach.  There were also several sets of deer tracks.

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