I took these cloud pictures last Monday in part because of the interesting fine textures – I assume these tell me something about the winds, but I’m not sure what Overnight the clouds moved back in. I looked outside this morning to see overcast gray. Temperatures were up to 40 or more, but the frost … Read more

Migrating Geese

Yesterday as the sun was dropping low in the sky, I noticed a flock of geese flying south. I often try to guess how many are in a flock and then actually count to see. Sometimes, especially with distant birds like these were, it’s easier to take a picture and count when I get home. … Read more

Morning Clouds

It was kind of a busy day today; the last day of meeting for classes at UAS, all the grading associated with classes winding down, and getting back and forth. I did feel compelled to stop this morning to take some pictures of the clouds breaking over the mountains. The mix of bright and dark … Read more

Spring Instability

Petrichor. Waves of steam rising from sun-warmed pavement. The sound and feel of cool raindrops hitting my jacket and exposed skin. Dark clouds over the mountains, with the hint of a rainbow in front of the Sisters. My back warmed by the western sun. My walk back home late this afternoon was a sensory feast. … Read more