Morning Clouds

It was kind of a busy day today; the last day of meeting for classes at UAS, all the grading associated with classes winding down, and getting back and forth. I did feel compelled to stop this morning to take some pictures of the clouds breaking over the mountains. The mix of bright and dark clouds partially obscuring the peaks is not an uncommon thing to see, but I am regularly drawn in by the sight.

Later this evening as the sun was going down, I took 150+ photos of mostly shorebirds. They move so quickly it’s hard to know what I’m getting, so I take shots in bursts. Based on an initial look through, I suspect I’ll be able to thin things down to a handful or so photos that are interesting enough to me to keep. I’m not sure how long it might take, as in this season of increasing light and rapid change in the natural world, it’s easy to fall behind on such tasks.

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