Birding Walk to Crescent Harbor

Chilly and cool, partly to mostly cloudy.

Snow continued to accumulate overnight, with 8 inches on my deck rail this morning. Connor later told me he measured 11 inches on his work table in the yard.

Much of the morning had blue skies over the house, though the sun was too low to be showing above the clouds to the south.

Clouds moved over a bit from the south, but it never became fully overcast.

Skies cleared again later in the evening, and temperatures dropped into the mid 20s.

I was on calls until early afternoon. My outside time was limited to a walk down to Crescent Harbor after lunch.

A couple of robins on Etolin Street were going after remaining mountain ash berries.

In the harbor I saw the Pacific Loon that has been slow to transition. I got closer looks and better photos. Reviewing the photos, I saw it appears to have some lesions or something at the base of its bill and behind its eye.

Near the boat pullout, a raven’s calls and associated movement aroused my curiosity. It seemed to have something it considered food. I saw it pick it up a couple of times (and I think eventually eat it). However, it did not seem to be in a hurry to consume it.

Each time it made the call, it would lift its wings and hold them up briefly. Each round was finished by a clack of the bill. There were certainly ravens in the general area. However, I did not notice any in the immediate vicinity.

Near the intersection of Park Street and Biorka Street, I noticed the largest flock of Pine Siskin’s I’ve seen in some time. I took some photos in case I might be able to pick out a redpoll or two in the mix. I did not find any, however.

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