Snowy Starrigavan High Tide

Mostly clear through the first half of the day, then clouds and a few light snow showers later.

I braved the roads to check Starrigavan at high tide. Today’s high was predicted to be 12.8 ft. This is about what it got to last month with some atmospheric assist.

Things were working in the other direction today, and the high topped out at 11.9ft.

Low tide this evening ended up -3.8 ft. It could end up being the lowest tide of the year (would need to check the data). I wasn’t ambitious enough to head out in the dark and cold.

Connor was able to get out on a boat with friends for a hunting trip. Checking beaches south of town as far as Crawfish Inlet, they saw 14 deer. He said it looked like lots of folks got deer today based on what he saw at the docks.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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