Redhead in the Sun

Mostly sunny, though very thin high clouds kept it from being a blue sky day for the most part. Not especially windy, but I did notice a breeze out of the northwest in the morning, but coming from the southeast in the afternoon. Frost this morning and temperatures in the mid 30s. Warming to a … Read more

Late Fall along Blue Lake Road

Heavier clouds diminishing to partly cloudy with a high thin layer that allowed enough sun for shadows to show. I did not make it out and about until this afternoon. I decided to go by Silver Bay and Blue Lake. The Blue Lake Road gate will probably close this weekend or next, so it seemed … Read more

Cross Trail Walk

Overcast with occasional showers in the early part of the day. Clouds thinned as the day went on, becoming mostly cloudy this evening. Later in the day yesterday (when it was nearly dark), I learned a magpie had been observed around the Indian River road neighborhoods the past couple of days. I decided to walk … Read more

Late October Sunny Day

Widely scattered showers, with a fair amount of sun between them at times. Temperatures were in the upper 30s this morning and rose to mid-40s. Snow was down well below 2000ft on the mountains. Yesterday’s rain totaled 1.46 inches at the airport, not too far off the record 1.70 inches set in 1956. I was … Read more

Rainy Day Notes

Rain varied in intensity throughout the day, but rarely stopped completely. I was not super inspired to get out, given the weather. After taking my time and catching up a bit on a couple different things this morning, I headed out a for a bit around noon. I did stop by Katlian Street and did … Read more

Stunned Junco

Overcast and calm. If there was rain, I didn’t cross paths with it. My outside time was limited to a drive with a little bit of walking in the latter half of the afternoon. I went by Kramer Avenue. I did not cover much distance, but took my time doing it. Walking slowly I was … Read more