Late Fall along Blue Lake Road

Heavier clouds diminishing to partly cloudy with a high thin layer that allowed enough sun for shadows to show.

I did not make it out and about until this afternoon.

I decided to go by Silver Bay and Blue Lake.

The Blue Lake Road gate will probably close this weekend or next, so it seemed like a good time to take a look up there while it’s easily accessible.

There’s been some earth work done around lower avalanche track along the road. The waterfall/cascade now enters a pool before going through the culvert under the road.

Looking more closely in the late green plants along the track, I noticed stink currant (Ribes bracteosum) with many leaves missing. It appeared they had been browsed. I can’t remember ever noticing this shrub being browsed, and certainly not to this extent.

I suspect deer don’t prefer the taste of these leaves. Most of the time there are plenty of other greens available. Right now, there is very little in the way of greens, so perhaps even unpleasant tasting leaves are better than the other alternatives.

Silver Bay was quiet in the few minutes I looked. I’m not sure when birds start moving into the bay more, but it seems likely some will show up soon.

Other stops while I was out included noting the continuing presence of the coots, Redhead, and Hooded Merganser at Swan Lake, and the Snow Goose at Kimsham fields.

Driving up Lake Street I noticed a flash of a bird along the other side of the street (near the pump station). It was an American Tree Sparrow very actively foraging in the gutter. Presumably seeds had collected there. It did not seem too perturbed by what sparse traffic did come along while I was watching.

A signficant CME was due to arrive today, possibly sparking significant northern lights. I was thinking about heading out if things cleared, but clouds are lingering. Looking at the latest short term forecasts, it appears a big show is not in the offing anyway.

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