Last of September

Showers (at times quite heavy, though those were short-lived) and breezy. A longer break with sun this evening, after very small pockets between showers earlier in the day. I did hear thunder associated with one shower late this evening. Outside time today consisted of checking for moths this morning and a short drive this afternoon … Read more

Starrigavan Sunny Break

Occasional showers. Short-lived sun breaks did show up, but tended to be small in extent. Winds were fairly calm at the house, but appeared to be up a bit on the water. This afternoon I drove out to Starrigavan. My visit coincided with one of the brief sunny breaks. I enjoyed a few minutes feeling … Read more

Downtown Warblers

Another mellow day. Partly to mostly cloudy, with increasing clouds becoming overcast late in the afternoon. With calls this morning, I didn’t get out much until after lunch. During the last heavy rain spells, I noticed the gutters were spilling over. More stormy and wet weather is in the forecast, so it seemed like a … Read more

Morning Clouds and Evening Sunset

Heavy overcast and rain off and on throughout the day. Connor let me know about a flock of teals at Eagle Way beach this morning. He said there were a couple of Blue-winged Teal, and possibly a Cinnamon Teal among them. Unfortunately the teal were gone by the time I arrived a little while later. … Read more

Sunny September Sunday

Surprisingly sunny for much of the day, with overcast moving over later in the afternoon. Winds were calm, and temperatures in the 50s. My memory is not clear, but I think this may have been the sunniest day of September this year. Last Sunday also had some clearing, but there were more clouds over the … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #246 – Simon Hook

Download Radio Show The September 26th show featured a conversation with Simon Hook. Among other things, we spoke about some of his experiences over the summer working as a naturalist on a small cruise ship travelling around Southeast Alaska. If you have questions or observations you want to share, please feel free to leave a … Read more