Cross Trail Walk

Overcast with occasional showers in the early part of the day. Clouds thinned as the day went on, becoming mostly cloudy this evening.

Later in the day yesterday (when it was nearly dark), I learned a magpie had been observed around the Indian River road neighborhoods the past couple of days.

I decided to walk around the neighborhoods there today to see if it might still be around. (It’s unknown to me whether there was one widely ranging magpie, or a couple of them.)

Walking the streets off of Indian River road, I realized I had never actually walked along all of them before. Or, if I had, it’s been so long, I didn’t remember a couple of aspects (including a short tertiary street connecting two of the secondary streets).

I found a couple junco flocks, observed Song Sparrows, chickadees, and a couple of jays. No luck with magpies, however.

I took the cross trail to the Baranof Street connector.

Along the way, I stepped off on a side path and found a campsite. I suspect it’s abandoned, but I’m not sure. I did not check inside the good-sized tent that is still set up.

A side trip to Swan Lake revealed the Redhead hanging out with the Mallards not far from the peninsula. It was trying to rest, but Mallards didn’t seem to care. They kept swimming by and disturbing it.

While out I had some ideas about projects that might be worth working on. One that I might try to get a start on sooner rather than later is a Sitka Nature Guide to winter birding and birds.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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