Rainy Day Notes

Rain varied in intensity throughout the day, but rarely stopped completely.

I was not super inspired to get out, given the weather. After taking my time and catching up a bit on a couple different things this morning, I headed out a for a bit around noon.

I did stop by Katlian Street and did not find the junco where I had left it yesterday. I can’t be certain it recovered and flew off, but that seems most likely.

A mix of gulls in good numbers in the channel, but I didn’t spot anything unusual.

I saw the White-throated Sparrow at the kelp patch pull out, as well as a few juncos and a couple of Song Sparrows. I paid less attention to the water, but it did seem quieter than on other recent days.

Before heading home, I made a quick stop at the Baranof Street cemetery and took pictures of a mushroom Paul had observed there recently. I hadn’t yet seen them this year, and wanted to confirm they were what I thought.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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