Squally Sunday

Squalls with rain and hail moved through from the southwest through much of the day, though things mellowed a bit later in the day. Yesterday’s steady rain broke a record for the date. The 1.45inches bested 1986’s 1.29 inches. I did not spend much time outside, other than going for a drive. Ocean conditions were … Read more

Sitka Nature Show #231 – Connor Goff

Download Radio Show The February 28th show featured a conversation with Connor Goff. We discussed his goals to increase his species list on iNaturalist, and some of the things he’s found and learned in pursuit of documenting nudibranchs, chitons, and fish, among other things. If you have questions or observations you want to share, please … Read more

Steady Rain for a Gray Day

Rain was steady throughout the day, but winds were fairly mellow. I did not get out much, but did step outside to see a Purple Finch Connor had noticed just up the street. It was singing from the top of a tree. I suspect it’s the same bird that was first seen late last fall. … Read more

Sunny Break

I woke to sunny skies. Given the weekend forecast for lots of rain, I decided to head out this morning, even though I had calls (grateful for mobile tech). I noticed feathery frost on the car windows. I had previously realized that clearing after rain is better for these to form. (I have considered wetting … Read more

Surf at Sandy Beach

I was up and out relatively early this morning (at least for me – as it was before 8am). Weather was overcast with a mix of rain and snow showers (though fortunately not too heavy) with a bit of a breeze out of the northwest. My early start was motivated by an appointment at the … Read more

Solitaire and Raven

Not long after I woke up this morning, I heard the Townsend’s Solitaire and also a small group of Pine Siskins. Though a wind advisory was set for this afternoon, it seemed calm this morning, at least around the house. I was compelled to take more photos of the Solitaire when I noticed perched on … Read more