Crystal Clear Winter Day (at least to start with)

Skies were exceptionally clear over town this morning, though far to the south I could see tops of distant cumulus clouds. Satellite imagery suggests they were 50-60 miles away. In my long telephoto photos of distant mountains, I could see little or no atmospheric distortion, contrary to my experience most days. Reviewing my pictures, I … Read more

Starrigavan Birds

I saw a report of a couple of snipe below the viewing shelter at Starrigavan estuary this morning. I did not have high hopes that they would still be there by the time I headed out this afternoon, but decided to give it a try anyway. As it turned out, both snipe were still there … Read more

Gray Calm

I woke this morning hearing cars driving in wet conditions. Temperatures warmed, and whatever snow might have started last night had long since turned to rain. At Starrigavan, a feeling of peace and calm held, at least briefly. The lack of wind, and light mist precipitating from low hanging clouds contributed to the feeling.

Mobbing Mystery

The first snow of the winter arrived late this morning. We had previously had a layer of slush that built up from sleet and graupel falling in showers, but today’s snow was large fluffy flakes falling… Coming across the bridge, I noticed a large flock of crows flying erratically about in the falling snow.