Townsend’s Solitaire Drops By

Though the windy weather continued with a slight decease in intensity, the rain shifted from near constant rain to periodic showers (which were heavy at times). Winds blew out of the west, and so hitting the house again, especially when showers passed over. Not long after getting up this morning, I heard a single high … Read more

Starrigavan Birds on a Rainy Day

It was quite wet today, but not quite as windy. Some snow did accumulate overnight based on the amount pushed up alongside the road, but it was melting off around the neighborhood quickly in the rain. By the time I was up and moving around to see, much of the snow where it had not … Read more

Late Winter Gray

When I woke this morning, it sounded windier than yesterday. As it turned out, I think that was largely due to a shift in direction. Winds were trending more towards the South or Southwest, and that hits my house much more directly than the more common Southeast winds do. A report of a magpie at … Read more

Wind, Waves, Gulls, and Crows

The wind was picking up by the time I went to bed last night. I could hear the neighbor’s chimes before I fell asleep, and again at times I happened to wake up. Wind’s were not so fierce in town to make falling trees seem like a concern, but it was definitely blowing, and Crescent … Read more