Anna’s Hummingbird Grit Station

Connor first noticed the female Anna’s Hummingbird flying under the porch about a month ago (I think), but we weren’t quite sure what it was doing. Over the past couple of days when Rowan has been outside, she got some good looks at it, and said it seemed to be sticking its bill in the … Read more

Lower Gavan Hill Trail

A moderately full day today. While at McDonald’s this afternoon, I was intrigued by the cloud formations to the south. They looked fairly sculpted, but I’m not sure if they qualified as lenticular clouds. This evening Rowan and I went for a short walk to Lower Gavan Trail where I wanted to check for crowberry … Read more

Chilly Breeze

Yesterday evening’s clearing skies carried over into this morning. Although the sun is now rising around 5:30am, there was still frost on the ground in places shaded from the sun’s direct light when I first ventured out around 8am. There was a breeze coming from what seemed to be the east or maybe east southeast … Read more

Sun and Snow

It was a busy day for me, and I didn’t have a lot of time to spend outside. However, I did watch the weather have a little trouble figuring out what it wanted to do. It was one of those spring days where it could be sunny and seeming quite warm, and a little later … Read more

Turkish Towel (Chondracanthus exasperatus)

This evening I went for a walk around the beach at Totem Park. Bird-wise, I found the usual suspects that have been around recently, Surfbirds, Black Turnstones, and quite a few gulls. It’s always interesting to see the seaweed that gets pushed up the beach after outgrowing the anchor’s ability to hold them down. They … Read more

Bioluminescent Firewood

Two unremarkable chunks of split cedar destined for a fire But look again – something strange is going on. It’s not photoshop tricks, just a long exposure in a dark room with a bit of fill flash I recently was offered a chance to see some glowing firewood a friend of a friend had noticed … Read more