Raven Radio Show #80 – Dan Evans

Download Radio Show The 31 May show featured a conversation with local nature photographer and adventurer Dan Evans. We talked about some of the adventures he’s had around Sitka since he first moved here to attend Sheldon Jackson College in the early 1980s. Visit his website at http://www.alaskadanevans.com/. If you have questions or observations you … Read more

Red-throated Loons on Blue Lake

Yesterday while up at Blue Lake, a pair of Red-throated Loons came into the little cove at the very lower end of the lake around the corner from the dam. Earlier this month I had seen them there as well, though at that time they did not stick around long, nor did they approach so … Read more

Blue Lake

The marine layer burned off this morning by mid-morning and temperatures were forecast to get up into the lower 60s. I didn’t track the actual temperatures, but it didn’t feel any warmer to me than it has in past days. As has been the pattern most days, there was a breeze that came up through … Read more


Connor had a dentist appointment and then I had a call this morning, so I didn’t really spend much time outside until this afternoon. The marine layer moved in a bit during the first part of the morning, then burned off by mid-morning and it was sunny for the rest of the day with the … Read more

Return of Rain

It rained overnight and a little bit today during a brief period or two today. Looking at the weather data for today, it appears that the total (at the airport) is only 0.06 inches. Although the moss on the berm of my yard looked quite wet, when I checked layers were dry not far below. … Read more

American Dipper Nest

The marine stratus burned off by 9am this morning revealing yet another day of sunny warm weather. As has been typical with this recent pattern, there was a good breeze out of the Northwest that kicked up during the day. I spent some time at Totem Park this morning. At the beach the tide was … Read more