Blue Lake Road

Of course today’s big fun was getting a video of the Anna’s Hummingbird getting dirt/grit from under he porch.

This morning I went for a walk around Totem Park. The tide was out and I went out to the end of the gravel bar between the current river and the old river channel. Out there were many shorebirds, mostly Surfbirds and Black Turnstones (with hundreds of each), but also a good number of Rock Sandpipers. On the way back, I heard a Red-breasted Nuthatch from near the battle site bench (though maybe better to call it the sea otter sign bench these days).

I’m helping out with the monitoring of the Blue Lake project area for invasive weeds this summer. We took advantage of the nice weather today to do an initial walk of the main road. We didn’t find anything that we hadn’t found along the road while surveying before the project. It’s still early in the season, however, so it will be interesting to see what else turns up in subsequent visits. While along the road I heard my first Orange-crowned Warbler of the season. There was also a Margined White (Pieris marginalis) butterfly flying around. I find it interesting that they seem to be pretty regular along that road (especially the section where the avalanche tracks are near where the campground road splits off), while in town they’re pretty variable from year to year (though most years I see at least one).

Despite the outings, I didn’t end up taking any pictures today.

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