Catch up Day

With little in particular scheduled today, I decided to work on some of the 22000+ photo backlog I have (with pictures going back to 2008). I ended up focusing on photos from the first three months of 2010 and was able to finish off everything from that time period. While it was nice progress, it still only amounted to a couple hundred photos, so a very small dent in the overall set.

My overall goal for the backlog is to delete photos that are not ones I feel the need to keep (sometimes because they didn’t turn out, others because they’re essentially duplicates), do any image editing (cropping, color/contrast adjustments) that fits, tag the photos, rename them to something understandable, and then give them a title (and sometimes caption) that will be stored in the metadata. After all of that, most photos will get uploaded in to a gallery on this site – I generally have a gallery for each day with pictures (though more recently, I’ve switched to having a quarterly catch-all gallery for days that only have a small number of photos during the current quarter). At that point I create a post for them, and for photos from weeks (or months, or years) I don’t usually remember much in particular about the day, so I just add a short note giving a little context for the pictures.

It looks like I added 9 backdated posts today. Of course they’re buried back in the archives, so it’s unlikely anyone will notice they have been added. The photos will show up in the gallery for each of the tags they carry, however. I also will have several posts getting published in the coming days/weeks that will feature particular pictures that I thought were interesting, most likely with links back to the post/gallery they came from. That way folks can more easily find and see some of the older stuff that’s only now getting posted.

Weather-wise, it started raining this morning. Not a heavy rain, but it was enough to wet everything down. There were at least two periods of this kind of rain during the day, and another after the sun went down. It’s not enough to really get things soaking again, but at this point, probably every little bit helps.

This evening I spent some time photographing a couple of moths I found at the light this morning. One of them was a familiar one that I knew the name for, but the other was one I did not know. I spent a fair amount of time trying to find a matching species and finally came up with a plausible id. I posted a couple pictures to bugguide in hopes of getting some confirmation. It got late before I had a chance to really process all those pictures, so they’ll have to wait until another day for uploading. (Update: Photos now uploaded)

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